At Funeral Insurance Coverage, your future is our responsibility. We, at Funeral Insurance Coverage, help you find a suitable final expense insurance plan, which serves a great deal for yourself and your loved ones. We have direct connections with the senior underwriters of the most trustworthy funeral insurance companies.

We Value Your Trust

we value your trust

We have been in the industry for the past 10 years and we have never cared about the numbers. We value the trust of our clients. We have had the toughest clients, with either limited budgets, or severe diseases, but our licensed insurance agent worked hard to find the best suitable coverage and also got it approved promptly.

This way of problem-solving has helped our company grow exponentially. Almost 80% of our clients have recommended us to their friends and family. This is the reason; we prefer trust over numbers.

About our CEO

About our CEO

Richard Charles is the CEO of our company. Richard is 45 years old and has been in the industry for 20 years. He has worked as an licensed insurance agent for 10 years and another 10 years as the founder of Funeral Expense Coverage.

A Word from our CEO

A Word from our CEO

I used to work in a small retirement home in my early 20s, where I saw old people getting ripped by insurance agents every day and not getting anything in the end. I thought this is a great time to help them, so I started working as a final expense agent and eventually formed my own company. During these 20 years, I have helped hundreds of people with their coverages.

We at Funeral Expense Coverage, welcome you to the world of peace and honor. Our customers are always our priority. As we are traveling in the learning curve, we hope to grow with you.

What have we Achieved and What is Yet to be Done?

When we inaugurated this company, we only had one motto, “Building relationships not numbers”. 10 years have passed and we are still working with the same motto. In these long 10 years, we have built an extensive client list but are still in the learning curve, and would love to meet and help more people.

What our Clients are Saying About Us