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Is it worth getting a Funeral Insurance?

People whose only goal is to save enough till a certain time or age should not go for Funeral Insurance, but those who want a secure future for themselves and their loved ones should immediately get a funeral insurance.

How much does Funeral Insurance Cost?

Funeral Insurance ranges anywhere between $5000 to $50,000. The most common package is $20,000. The premiums ranges between as low as $1 to $50 a month, depending upon your health, age, and affordability.

Is Life Insurance better than Funeral Insurance?

It depends on your needs. Life insurance can be cashed anytime in your life, and can be used for anything, whereas funeral insurance covers the cost of funeral only. Funeral insurance lets you pre-arrange your funeral.

Can I have more than one funeral insurance policies?

Yes, legally you can own more than one funeral insurance policies. There are a few companies which will have no problem issuing you as much policies as you want, but some companies have restrictions issuing two or more policies to a single person.

What does a Funeral Plan cover?

funeral plan covers the cost of cremation, funeral ceremony, casket, flowers, delivery, and anything else you have subscribed to. Some funeral policies offer benefits such as credit payments, medical bills, etc.

Should I pre-pay for my funeral?

Life is uncertain and the way the cost of funerals is increasing, we would say you should pre-pay, or at least pre-plan your funeral. Funeral insurance is an excellent option you have right now. Get a quote before it’s too late.

Is there any age limit for funeral insurance?

Most funeral insurances are only for people over 50 years of age., but there are some companies which covers people under the age of 50. The qualification criteria for these insurances is pretty easy, as people under the age of 50 are usually quite healthy.

Can I take out an insurance for another person?

Yes, you can. You can take out an insurance for your mum, dad, or any loved one, but make sure that they agree to terms and conditions, and the issuer must be more than 50 years old.

Does Life insurance have any waiting period?

If the person dies within the first two years of the policy, the beneficiary will only get the amount of premiums paid till that time. Moreover, when you claim the insurance, the process only takes a few weeks. But you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right company. To find the right company, you need licensed insurance agent, like us who work remotely with the best underwriter, and companies.

What happens if a funeral home goes bankrupt?

When a funeral home goes bankrupt, they are obliged to return people’s investments, with interest. That means you will get the amount of payment you have yet paid, plus interest.

What are death benefits, and how can they be used in funeral insurance

The death of a loved one causes a lot of pain, and medical bills or funeral costs on top of that could be extremely frustrating. Funeral insurance covers your funeral expenses but what most people don’t know is that it provides death benefits.

For example, if you have a big pile of the medical bill of the deceased, the insurance company will cover that as well. Other than that, mortgage, debt, or payments will also be covered.