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Life Insurance
Final Expense Cost

People usually focus on the cost of insurance only but what they don’t understand is that the low-cost final expense will not be able to cover all their expenses, leaving behind a huge debt for their loved ones. Read more:

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Final Expense for Seniors

According to the reports of the National Bureau of Economic research, government policies, like Medicare and Medicaid covers only about two-thirds of the expenses made by senior citizens of the US. Medical bills are already a huge burden on the shoulders of seniors, let alone the cost of funeral expenses. Read more:

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Funeral Insurance Vs Life Insurance

The major difference between both of these insurances is the price factor. The cost of life insurance is much more than final expense. Similarly, the premiums of funeral insurance are cheaper and affordable ” Life Insurance  

Funeral Insurance-Basics We will give you the basic idea of different options for Final Expense Coverage.

1. Term Life Funeral Insurance

The very first type of final expense for seniors is term insurance. Term insurance is also known as terminating insurance, as the name indicates it will be terminated after a certain age or time.

2. Permanent Life Funeral Insurance

Permanent insurance is also called Whole Life Insurance. Premiums remain fixed for a lifetime. No medical reports are required to qualify for Permanent Insurance. You only need to answer a few questions on a phone call.

3. Pre-Need Funeral Insurance

Pre-need final expense covers the exact cost of your funeral. A substantial amount is set for funeral like $20,000, and premiums are designed accordingly. Pre-need insurance is usually designed by funeral homes

4. Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

If you need a large death benefit, then Guaranteed Universal Insurance is the best policy for you. The underwriting for this policy is a lot tighter, so you will have to be clear about your needs.

Why You Should Get a Quote Right Now

Death Benefits will not Decrease

In most funeral expense insurance plans, the death benefits will not decrease. Plan your coverage with a licensed insurance agent to receive all these benefits

Coverage is Paid within a Few Days

In most cases, the full coverage with death benefits is paid to the beneficiary within a few weeks or months. There is no long waiting period. Your beneficiary will be required to fulfil a few formalities

Let the Insurance Company handle your funeral expenses

In addition to that, the cost of transportation and ceremony piles up to an unbearable amount. But with the final expense, you don’t have to worry about that. Now your loved ones will only take care of yourself and let the insurance company take care of all these expenses.

Most Affordable Type of Insurance

Unlike other insurances, funeral insurance comes with the most economical premiums and the best packages to cover all your afterlife expenses.

Easy to Qualify

You will need a pile of documents and bills to qualify for life and traditional insurances, but in final expense, qualification is a piece of cake. You only need to answer a few medical questions to avail yourself of this insurance.

Secure your family

With final expense, you do not have to worry about your family’s security, it is now the responsibility of the insurance company. Leave good memories for your family or loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Is it worth getting a Funeral Insurance?

People whose only goal is to save enough till a certain time or age should not go for Final expense, but those who want a secure future for themselves and their loved ones should immediately get a funeral insurance.

How much does Funeral Insurance Cost?

Final expense ranges anywhere between $5000 to $50,000. The most common package is $20,000. The premiums ranges between as low as $1 to $50 a month, depending upon your health, age, and affordability.

Is Life Insurance better than Funeral Insurance?

It depends on your needs. Life insurance can be cashed anytime in your life, and can be used for anything, whereas funeral insurance covers the cost of funeral only. Final expense lets you pre-arrange your funeral.

Is there any age limit for funeral insurance?

Most funeral insurances are only for people over 50 years of age., but there are some companies which covers people under the age of 50. The qualification criteria for these insurances is pretty easy, as people under the age of 50 are usually quite healthy.